About us

JSC Inekstra is a team of professional designers, who design modern – sustainable structures, engineering systems, plan territories and provide engineering consultations.

          Our main goal is to identify the needs of our clients before they are mentioned. Each of our clients receive the best high-quality service which is most appropriate for their needs.

          Architectural studio Inekstra was established in 2005. We have been rapidly improving and expanding ever since. In recent years, more and more clients are using the services of JSC Inekstra. This makes us happy and inspires further improvement. JSC Inekstra is based in Vilnius. There are currently 14 employees working in the company.

          The company is certified by the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania – Certificate No.: 5148, which grants us the right to design special structures.

          Main activities of the company:

  • Industrial, storage and economic activity structures;
  • Public, commercial, recreational and other structures;
  • Individual and residential apartment buildings;
  • Interior projects and reconstruction of existing buildings;
  • Territory planning: detailed, specific plans and concepts;
  • Water supply and sewage systems;
  • Project implementation supervision;
  • Construction supervision.

          The company has certified structure project managers for the architecture, construction and engineering of special structures, structure project managers for project implementation supervision of special structures, specialists for special and detailed territory planning and second category project managers for regulative heritage protection work.
                 Together with our project engineering design partners, we prepare construction projects of all parts (full-scale) in accordance with the laws, building regulations and other legislations.